1 Networking Hack Will Never Let You Forget Anyone’s Name Again

Number one: Always, ALWAYS ask people to repeat their name.

As you shake her hand, ask her again to clarify. “Sarah?”

She will say it again, “Yup, Sarah.”

“A pleasure to meet you, Sarah.”

You’ve now heard the name a total of four times!

It is now embedded somewhere in your short-term memory.

But as much as we would all love for that short-term memory to last us the rest of the afternoon, or the remainder of the night, it often fails . What do you do?

We tend to forget that we all have mini computers in our pockets now.

So write down their name.


If you have even the slightest inkling that you will see that person again: write their name down.

We are in an age where much of what we need to recall on-hand can be accessed via the Internet.

Can’t remember a fact? Google it.

Can’t remember how to get somewhere? Put it in your maps.

Can’t remember a phone number?

Go make a note on your phone. Try it.