10 "Green" Gifts for those White Weddings

A blender? Boring. Knives? Dull. Finding an eco-friendly gift that stands out is easier than you think. Here are some creative and meaningful wedding presents that are perfect for the happy couple and good for the environment, too!

1. Seed Money 

Make that gift of cash even greener by putting it inside a card made from seed paper. This handmade paper is embedded with flowers or herbs that will actually sprout when the paper is crumpled up andplanted in soil. Sprouting seed paper is available online from a number of specialty paper stores.


2. Honeymoon Thrills

Why not fund an activity for the couple’s honeymoon, like surfing lessons, a massage or zip-lining? You’ll save money on wrapping and shipping, and they’ll have a few less things taking up precious shelf space. Not to mention they can create great memories and get a chance to connect with nature—and each other. Trust us, the thank you notes are a lot more interesting, too.


3. Let ’em practice parenting

Make a donation to an eco-related charity in the new couple’s name. Imagine how excited they’ll be to know they’re foster parents to an endangered giant blind mole rat or a pygmy bluetongue skink.


4. Plant one on ’em

Why not plant some eco-friendly landscaping for the newlyweds? A number of plants and grasses require less water, and others will also help guard against pests. It will be a constant reminder of how cool you are, unlike a boring appliance that hides in a cabinet.


5. Add some spice

Cooking classes can help teach the newlyweds how to cook with local, sustainable ingredients…and keep them from ordering in every night. Many local natural markets offer classes, and a number of online sites offer video tutorials and books. An added bonus is you might also snag a dinner invite.


6. Make them a “Date Jar”

Repurpose an old jar and fill it with a year’s worth of fun date ideas. Or, create a themed date jar like a “movie night” that includes a gift card and some colorful candy.


7. Wrap up some parks and rec

A National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands Annual Pass gives the newlyweds access to 58 national parks and 74 monuments around the country, so they can commune with nature and learn more about our natural resources. It’s good for up to four people, so you can even make it a double date.


8. Promise them an herb garden

A windowsill garden not only looks great, but it offers up year-round access as a fresh alternative to bottled herbs. This can save the newlyweds a trip to the store whenever they need fresh cilantro for their guacamole or dill for a homemade dip.


9. Buy them the farm

Community-supported agriculture subscriptions are a great way to support local farms by having fresh fruits and veggies delivered right to their door.


10. Create a map of their hearts

There are lots of fun ways to reuse maps creatively to tell the story of the happy couple. For example, fill a ready-made, three-panel frame with different maps from where the couple met, where they got engaged and where they got married.

With thoughtful wedding gifts like these, you can make the world a greener place and everyone can live more happily ever after.