3 ways to increase your positive Yelp reviews

Yelp has become one of the most powerful review platforms out there. Having a populated and positive Yelp page can increase your business's credibility and bottom line.  If you want to increase your star rating using the following tips:

  1. Ask your friends and family.

    Chances are your friends and family are already your biggest fans and most loyal customers. Ask them to leave reviews that highlight some great things about your product or service. On a fairly new Yelp page, those first positive reviews have a lot of staying power. They’ll work to counteract the occasional negative review that may pop up down the line.

  2. Look to loyal customers.

    If you have customers you have worked with for years, or who have just expressed appreciation for a great experience: personally ask them to post some kind works on your yelp page.

  3. Ask your vendors.

    Your vendors often closely understand you, your business, and your work efforts. Although they may not exactly be customers, they are certainly well-positioned ed to leave a review of their business dealings with you.  They do not need to pretend they are a customer, but simply talk about how they “worked with your company.”


Technically you are not supposed to ask for Yelp reviews, run promotions to get reviews, ect. If you want to follow the rules to the T, the following are things you can do to increase your reviews:

  • Place a Yelp badge on your website
    If someone is angry enough to leave you a negative review then they will find your Yelp profile with or without a badge on your site.  However, there could be hundreds or thousands of happy customers visiting your website every month who don’t know you have a Yelp profile. Placing the Yelp badge on your website can help these satisfied customers find your Yelp page and, hopefully, leave you a positive rating.

  • Share your Yelp reviews on Facebook and Twitter
    You can share your Yelp ratings on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  You can even post or share your less than favorable Yelp reviews as long as you’ve responded appropriately to them.  Your happy and loyal customers might take notice and decide to take action and support your business by giving you a positive rating and review on Yelp.

  • Increase customer awareness of your Yelp profile
    While you are not allowed to ask for Yelp reviews, there is nothing wrong with letting customers know that you have a Yelp profile. A few ways of getting the word out include:

    • Telling customers, “Check us out on Yelp!”

    • Place Yelp signs in your place of business. You can create these yourself or request them from Yelp here.