Loan Officers finding success in the arcade?


The top loan officers have one thing in common: vast networks of referral partners that enable them to maximize their chances and create more business. However, the ones who stand out plan events with their referral partners.

It’s simple, but it doesn’t just happen. To help improve the odds of your success, here are some suggestions you can use to plan an event with your referral partners.

1. With your referral partner — perhaps at lunch or over drinks — come up with ideas for a jointly hosted social event.

Some ideas:

– Show a movie at a local theater

– Rent out an arcade

– Sample beer at a local brewery

The event should be fun that will appeal to prospective Millenials!

2. Work with venue owners.

When researching potential costs for half- or full-day rentals, position your event as a win-win situation to help negotiate expenses. Venue owners can see your event as an opportunity to exhibit their business to new customers.

3. Plan how many invitees you and your partners are responsible for;

you and your referral partner will each invite x number of people to the event, such as past clients, friends or prospects.

4. Invite local businesses.

Attract local businesses with related interests to participate in your event and showcase their business. Like, if you rent out a yoga studio for the day, invite a massage therapist to set up a booth. At least, offer “goodie bags” with coupons, samples, giveaways, and the like from local businesses- these are all networking opportunities.

5. Require event registration.

Collect contact information like mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for follow up.

6. Plan to have booths.

You can showcase upcoming first-time home buyer education classes or information about various programs. Real estate agents can showcase homes for sale in the area; Businesses can give away samples or hold drawings for free goods and services.

7. Provide your partners with an attendee registration list.

Allowing hosts access to registration lists containing contact information provides value to them for marketing opportunities.