8 weeks to being move-ready!


It is an exciting time! You are moving into a new home, and maybe you are going across the country, or just down the road. Regardless, it is a new beginning, but these feelings of excitement and adventure can quickly be overshadowed by the anxiety and hassle of the move its self.

Breaking down the process and spreading it over a couple of months can relieve your stress significantly. Whereas waiting to the last moment can create chaos, mistakes, and draw the process out longer. The following is an 8-week plan to help you in planning your move!

Eight weeks out — 
Inventory what you are taking, donating, & throwing out. Using a moving company or a full DIY, this is essential to be able to have a realistic view of how many boxes and how big of a truck you will require. It is common for people to underestimate how much stuff they have and have to deal with. Going room by room, and making a comprehensive list may seem tedious, but it will save you the major headaches caused by underestimating your load.

Seven weeks out — 
Schedule your move. Figure out your actual move-out date, and schedule your truck or moving service. Leaving this to the last minute can earn your substantial rate increases or worst case unavailability of services.

Six weeks out — 
Fill out your change of address form with the post office, bank, insurance providers, credit-card companies, magazines and newspaper subscriptions, doctors, lawyers, and accountants. It can take up to 6 weeks for business to process your move, so get this out of the way now.

Five weeks out — 
Purge. It’s time to get rid of everything you aren’t taking with you. Consult your master list and donate, sell, or toss/recycle anything you aren’t moving. This process may take some time if you have to take loads to the dump, donation center, or are selling items. Start this now and chip away at it every weekend up until your move.

Four weeks out — 
Reduce your food shopping. Eat as many perishables and food stores you have, and reduce grocery shopping to only the essentials; this will reduce the food you’ll have to toss or pack.

Three weeks out — 
It’s time to start packing. It is wise to first pack or separate your things for your remaining stay, almost as if you are going on vacation. Clothing, personal hygiene items, and some entertainment. These items can be packed up last, and be ready for your first few days in your new home as well. Then tackle the rest of your home. Tackle a room a day, or at least a few boxes. If you are chipping away little by little the task is much less overwhelming. Label your boxes for the rooms they belong to, and if they contain fragile pieces.

Moving day —
Do your final walk-through. Check whether everything is loading into the truck, and all the paperwork is complete. Look through your home and make sure that the air conditioner, furnace, water, and lights are all switched off. Make sure all of the windows are closed and locked, and nothing is left. 
When your moving truck arrives at your new home, check all your belongings again as they are being unloaded — check for damage and missing pieces.

Have a happy move!