Is your to-do list making you LESS productive?


In the spirit of efficiency, let’s keep this brief. Multitasking and over-scheduling are the most detrimental factors in productivity! Here are 5 easy steps you can implement today to increase your productivity:

1. Write down the five most critical things you need to achieve tomorrow. Do not write down more than five tasks. You may have more than five on a master list, but for tomorrow choose five.

2. Put those five items in the order of importance.

3. When you get to your office the next day, focus on ONLY the first task. Do not move onto the next job until the first is complete.

4. Progress through the rest of your list in the same way. Move any unfinished items to the next day’s agenda. If you complete all of your tasks, refer to your master list.

5. Repeat this every day.

Keep your daily to-do list manageable as to account for unexpected interruptions — emails, phone calls, urgent requests. You can’t be great at one task if you are always trying to do ten different things.

Productivity is a combination of focus and consistency.