Smartphones Harm Your Productivity More Than You Think

How important is your device to you?

I was shocked when I read a statistic a while back. An experiment conducted by the universities of Würzburg and Nottingham Trent, showed that 37.4% of the participants considered their phone as MORE or equally valuable to their close friends.


29% said their smartphone was equally important, or more important, to them than their PARENTS!

Smartphones are to be handled with care. Not just because they may cause stress, anxiety, and even depression, but because they alter your behavior.

It seems like we can’t focus on one thing for more than 5 seconds. Why? Maybe in part because our smartphones are constantly going off with notifications.

The same study referred to above also found more:

“Researchers asked participants to perform a concentration test under four different circumstances: with their smartphone in their pocket, at their desk, locked in a drawer and removed from the room completely.”

The results are significant — test results were lowest when the smartphone was on the desk, but with every additional layer of distance between participants and their smartphones, test performance increased. Overall, test results were 26% higher when phones were removed from the room.”

Change Your Smartphone Behavior

  • Turn off ALL your notifications except calls.

  • Stop immediately responding to notifications. That doesn’t mean you need to undervalue people who trying to reach you.

Instagram, twitter, facebook are designed to be addictive. Most of us become slaves to our phone. But we need to take control. You probably cannot cut yourself entirely out of social media, news channels, etc. But by turning your notifications off, and actively breaking the habit of frequent phone checking you can be more productive and more present in the real world.

How you want to spend your time is your business. But you can be 26% more productive by just changing a single thing in your life: Your smartphone behavior.

It’s time to reclaim your attention. It’s worth it.