The 7 Mindset Shifts Needed for Successful Social Media Marketing

Many people have a tough time fully understanding the nuances and the time needed to execute effective campaigns. That is completely okay.

The problem is most people give it a try, assuming it’ll be either be easy or similar to other marketing/business endeavors they’ve done in the past. After a few weeks or months go by, they get discouraged and start asking questions like:

Why am I spending so much time and energy on this?

When will I be compensated?

Why is shitty content getting more attention than mine?

Addressing the core of this issue begins with the foundation.

And the foundation for successful social media campaigns starts by having the right mindsets in place. The following are seven mindset shifts which encapsulate what's needed to take your social game to the next level.

Here they are… Mindset Shifts


1.) Scalability

To reach the widest audience possible via social media marketing, you’ve got to shift to a mindset focused on scalability.

The beautiful thing about social media marketing and digital marketing, in general, is that it is scalable. Your Tweet or blog post could potentially be in the hands of 10,000,000 people across the world.

When working with clients who are either small business owners or aspiring small business owners, my brother and I always do one thing first: see how (not if) that person can scale a portion of their business through social media and/or a digital product.

Marketing mastermind, Joe Polish says writing compelling sales copy is the easiest way to multiply yourself 1000x for free.

2.) ROI

ROI is one of the most contentious issues in social media marketing. It truly is hard to measure the precise efficacy of social media as it relates from person to person. Even the most advanced analytics software and companies don’t have the exact solution.

Obviously, be sure to make data-driven decisions and pivot accordingly if something isn’t working. But if you spend 3 hours typing up a blog post and you don’t receive 3 hours of pay immediately, don’t trip about it.

Do you think the most popular bartender in town has a stopwatch and counts the minutes spent talking to a customer, then calculates the minutes against the amount of tips they received that night?

No. And that’s precisely why the customers keep coming back. Because people focus on genuine connections.

3.) Social Media as a Prerequisite

You’ve probably heard people saying how every company today has to be a media company. It’s a content marketing world now. So think of social media as a standard piece of your infrastructure.

Once you have that mindset shift, the act of posting and interacting on social will become more natural and legitimate.

4.) Immediate Sales Fallacy

If you think you’ll get immediate sales with social media marketing, you might be in for an unpleasant awakening. It’s gonna take time. And probably lots of it.

In social media marketing, you must give away information for free. All just to be helpful. Adding value is what works best on social media and beyond.

Why not try giving instead of asking?

I’m not saying you should do everything for free. You definitely shouldn’t. Have very strict boundaries for yourself.

From a psychological standpoint, people associate monetary value with credibility and confidence in one’s self. In the same sense, people associate cost with caliber.

“Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.” -Seth Godin

5.) Following Your Preferences

Today, there are a higher volume of social media outlets than ever before, so your options are immense.

Pick the channels you enjoy using the most. Even if they’re only kind of applicable to your brand.

Create content on the channels you know best.

6.) Building Credibility

Effective use of social media validates your passion by separating you from the pack. It lets others know that even when you’re not working, you’re thinking about your industry. You’re learning about your industry. You’re a student of the game within your industry.

7.) Above all else, being genuine

To be successful in your social media campaigns and profiles, you must be genuine.

In this saturated, highly transparent marketplace/world we live in, being genuine is a must! People are smart. They can see through bullshitters and phonies.

Be real. Be relatable. Tell people how you really feel. They will respect you more for doing so.

Do what you love. Teach what you love. Tell others about what you love. That’s how you earn trust. That’s how you add value to others. That’s how you increase your social media influence.