Unconventional Productivity Ideas

So you are utilizing task lists, the Pomodoro method, walking meetings etc. But you need more! More seconds, minutes, more time saved. Here are a few less conventional time saving and productivity techniques you can implement.

1. Use your voice.

Voice dictation is a great way to write articles, emails, etc. You can talk faster than you can type and get all of your ideas out quickly. Sure you will have to go back and edit an make sure Siri/Google didn't misunderstand you in some embarrassing or humorous way. But all in all, you can save some time.

2. Have a procrastination list.

When you are procrastinating on a project or something you just aren't ready to do. Have a list of smaller ask that you can attack instead. This way you can be productive in what may have otherwise been flipping through social media or what not.

3. Delegate.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and there is only one of you. If you find you are feeling constantly overwhelmed or work is making you make personal sacrifices it may be time to outsource. You would be surprised at how many tasks can be automated or given to freelance or contract workers.

4. Fasting.

Keeping cortisol levels high and pushing through your task list until 12p or 1 to break your fast can save you time on snacking, breakfast, and it acts as a motivator.