You would benefit from a work rival

Competition will likely make you increase your efforts and productivity.

Ask your mentors to point out who could be great to "battle." Learn about your competition; rivals aren't opposites. Your similarities put you in the same position.

Your primary goal should not be to beat your rival -- there should be no sabotage or subterfuge involved -- but it is an opportunity to flex your creative problem solving and ultimately better yourself.

Here are 5 ways friendly competition can benefit you:

1. Analytics boost

Work competition involves visiting the facts, the metrics, the data. You learn to analyze your rival and their actions equitably. This motivates you to take a more evidence-based approach to your efforts.

2. Failure happens.

Sometimes you wing and receive project awards, bonuses, or a pay raise. And, sometimes you will watch your rival get the win and the rewards. These instances keep you humble, fuel the desire not to "lose" again, and you get to practice seeing little failures as part of the process and not as devastating events.

3. You will know your strengths and weaknesses.

A friendly rival assesses you to see both imperfections and strengths, learning from you even as they try to figure out the best way to overcome you. Your opponent will give accurate feedback. There are also plenty of opportunities to look deeper into your own perceived strengths and weaknesses.

4. Heightened focus.

We aren't wired to want to come in second and not to be the loser in a situation. Seeing someone "better" than we are, we automatically feel the need to prove our selves. We want to maintain our status and self perceptions.

5. Empathy & Understanding

A reason people get burned out at work is that they feel like no one understands the pressures or responsibilities they have. With a friendly rival, you know someone else gets what you're going through.